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    • 12 Sep 2024
    • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Skagit Station Community Room, 105 E Kincaid St, Mt Vernon, WA

    Annual Employment Law Update
    by Carey M.E. Gephart, Managing Director & James Dunlap, Associate 
    LeGros Buchanan & Paul
    hursday, September 12; 
    Skagit Station Community Room,
    105 E Kincaid St, Mt Vernon, WA 

    Join SIHRMA for our annual Washington employment law update covering new laws and proposed changes affecting employers in Washington state. This discussion will include, but is not limited to, changes to Washington’s Non-Compete Laws and federal developments, Pre-Employment Drug Testing laws (Cannabis), Independent Contractor Classification under the FLSA, Wage and Hour issues, arbitration and arbitrability of claims, taxation issues in employment claim settlements, and recent determinations, settlement and/or awards in employment discrimination/retaliation claims This session will help you be aware of coming changes and emerging

    This session will help employers become aware of coming changes and emerging trends to better address workplace issues, avoid problems, and better ensure legal compliance. Attendees will learn about:

    1. Non-Compete Laws
    2. Pre-Employment Drug Testing
    3. Independant Contractor Classification
    4. Wage and Hour Issues
    5. Taxation issues
    6. Arbitration and Arbitrability of Claims
    7. And more!

      About the Speakers

      Carey M.E. Gephart, Managing Director at LeGros Buchanan & Paul 
      Carey has been with LeGros Buchanan & Paul since 2006 and currently serves as the Firm’s Managing Director. She represents both maritime and non-maritime employers in all aspects of employment disputes including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, accommodation, retaliation and other related claims in state and federal courts, and federal and state agencies (including the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Washington Human Rights Commission, the Seattle Office for Civil Rights and the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights). Carey’s practice also includes counseling and advising clients on personnel policies and practice, and in-house training and consultation on a variety of labor and employment related issues including anti-harassment and discrimination.

      James Dunlap, Associate at LeGros Buchanan & Paul
      James is an associate with LeGros Buchanan and Paul. He represents maritime and non-maritime employers in both state and federal courts, and in regard to both personal injury and employment claims. Prior to joining LeGros, James has worked in maritime insurance, assisted a major transportation company’s in-house counsel, and handled Dunlap Towing Company’s regulatory affairs and drafted the company’s internal policies. While at Dunlap Towing Company, the US Coast Guard instituted new regulatory requirements that included a robust anti-harassment policy which James helped institute at the towing company.

      • 10 Oct 2024
      • 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      • NW Education Service District, Anacortes, WA

      Annual Fall Workshop

      Join us in beautiful Anacortes for our annual Fall Workshop. This year's event will feature four back-to-back presentations by industry experts, focusing on igniting organizational change.
      Multiple HRCI and SHRM recertification credits. 

      Thursday, October 10;  8 am - 1 pm
      NW Education
       Service District
      1601 R Avenue, Anacortes, WA 98221

      Session One
      Delivering a Competitive Advantage for Your Company:
      Leveraging a Workforce to Win

      Presented by Dr. S Richard Park, Pr
      incipal, Talent Alignment

      Companies are in constant battles. Battles with competitors, customers, supplies, regulatory and legal entities, potential new entrants, and more. These are just a few of the many factors you and your leadership team will consider when strategizing your business position in the market. HR plays a key role in much of this planning and executing, but one of the most important is engaging employees through these battles. 

      Session Learning Objectives: 

      1. Leveraging HR processes and other organizational features to help employees help their organizations compete.

      2. Best practices in recruiting, development, rewards, organizational effectiveness, and other core HR processes.

      3. The value of promoting strategy as context for organizational initiatives.

      About the Presenter: 

      Dr. S. Richard Park founded Talent Alignment, LLC to continue his work accelerating organizational performance through strategic talent and organizational effectiveness services. From an experience standpoint, Rick has held executive-level Talent Management/OE roles and has led the Human Resources function for mid- to large-sized global organizations (e.g., Dell, Microsoft, International Paper, Boyd Corporation, etc.). He has worked in HR consulting, manufacturing, technology and engineering industries.

      Rick earned a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from The University of Akron.

      Session Two
      Increasing Inclusion: A Road Map for an Inclusive HR Function 

      Presented by Garry Priam, Managing Partner, Diventa Solutions

      All journeys begin with a single step… and require planning, patience, and purpose. A sustainable culture of inclusion cannot be built in a vacuum and looks different depending on where you are within your organization. This highly interactive presentation will examine the importance of how each of us plays an essential role in increasing our inclusion, valuing all diversity, and how to make a difference as an HR professional.

      Session Learning Objectives 

      1. Inclusion's impact on every individual's workplace experience. 

      2. Examining one's own inclusive lens. 

      3. How to make more inclusive and effective decisions as an HR professional. 

      About the Presenter: 

      Garry Priam is an international speaker, Italian author, and organizational development consultant helping organizations and their people excel.

      He lived in Italy for 9 years, is a former professional basketball player, and the managing partner of Diventa Solutions LLC.

      Diventa means “to become” in Italian and Garry helps companies become more inclusive, more cohesive and elevate corporate cultures to new heights. He is passionate about building effective organizational teams and supporting them during change initiatives.

      Garry shares success stories from his consulting experiences and uses analogies from his professional playing days on how to win and become more effective and resilient in the corporate world as squads do on the court.

      Session Three
      Title: TBA

      Presented by Rebecca Murray, Edutainer, Showcase Your Shine

      Summary summary: TBA

      Session Learning Objectives 

      1. TBA

      2. TBA 

      3. TBA

      About the Presenter: 
      Northwest Edutainer Rebecca P. Murray delivers high-energy virtual and live training for those ready to become confident, creative, and compelling leaders and team players. She infuses irreverent humor, inspiring stories, and entertaining musical theater excerpts into content-rich, high-stick events. Audience members eagerly engage in her one-of-a-kind interactive experiences, where they shine as the show’s stars.

      Rebecca’s production credits range from 30-second TV commercials to mini-documentaries and live-streamed events. As a power-skills edutainer, speaking coach, and director/producer, she knows everyone can be a star. She’s determined to put clients at ease and bring out their very best – whether they’re in front of another person, a camera, or an audience of thousands.

      Rebecca delivers edutaining skill-building through playshops & keynotes, consulting, and adult continuing education. Her popular one-woman show, The Confidence Equation™, incorporates characters, comedy, song, and a big take-home message highly relevant for today’s audiences.

      Session Four
      Title: TBA

      Presented by Liz Petersen, Quality Manager, SHRM

      Summary summary: TBA

      Session Learning Objectives 

      1. TBA

      2. TBA 

      3. TBA

      About the Presenter: 
      Liz Petersen, SHRM-SCP, is the Quality Manager for the HR Knowledge Center at SHRM. Prior to this role, she worked as a SHRM HR Knowledge Advisor. Liz has a bachelor's degree from John Carroll University in Industrial/Organization Psychology with a Business minor. She has a master's degree from University of Maryland in Human Resource Management. 
      Liza has over 25 years of HR experience and the SHRM Senior Professional Certification. Prior to SHRM, Liz worked as an Outsourced HR Manager for several small and medium sized organizations in multiple industries including technology, engineering, hospitality, retail, service, construction, healthcare, etc. She also work as an in-house HR Manager and Director within the manufacturing industry. 
      Liv lives in Oceanside, CA with her husband. In her free time, Liz is discovering a love for painting, hacking away on the golf courses, doing anything water or beach related, watching Seahawk or Steeler football and trying to earn a green thumb. 

      • 12 Dec 2024
      • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
      • Skagit Station Community Room, 105 E Kincaid St, Mt Vernon, WA

      Using BLS Data to Better Understand the Labor Market of Today and the Future 
      by Matthew Insco, Branch Chief & Supervisory Economist
      U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

      Thursday, December 12; 7:30 - 9:00 am

      This overview of Using BLS Data to Better Understand the Labor Market of Today and the Future will showcase where our jobs stand now and how to plan for where our jobs will stand in the future. Attendees will learn: 

      1. How to interpret, understand and make use of available government data
      2. Best practices for workforce planning 
      3. The resources available via BLS and how to use them to keep up to date on labor trends 

        About the Speaker

        Matt Insco is the Branch Chief of the Economic Analysis & Information Division for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Western Region. His team helps to disseminate BLS data through press releases, articles, and the BLS website. The unit conducts outreach activities for BLS, including hosting monthly webinars available to the public, and assists data users in accessing and interpreting BLS data. Matt has also co-authored multiple articles related to healthcare and the Great Recession. Matt graduated from the University of California, Riverside and has worked for BLS for over 20 years

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